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Resveratrol Aug 09, 2016

【Product name】: Resveratrol
【Specification】: 98%
【Packing】: 25kg/paper drum
【Introduction】: white powdery product of Polygonum cuspidatum zucc.
【Active ingredients】: Trans-Resveratrol
【Solubility】: soluble in aether,chloroform, methanol , ethanol, acetone.
【Specification】: 20% 50% 98%
【CAS No.】: 501-36-0
【Molecular weight】: 228.24
【Molecular formula】: C14H12O3
【Melting point】: 256°C~257°C

[ Expired Date:Aug 31, 2020]
[ Related Categories: Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chemicals ]
[ Related Keywords: Resveratrol, 501-36-0 ]

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