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Automatic parallel corotating twin screw plastic extrusion China

 [Aug 10, 2016]

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Product Description
Automatic parallel corotating twin screw plastic extrusion China

1. Brief Introduction to Our Twin Screw Extruder

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder are widely used in the compounding,
modification field, like the filling, reinforcement, toughening of
plastics, engineer plastics and thermoplastics, and also for the special
fibers and adhesive process.

HTE series comprehensive increase the application and ability of products with Original German high torque
box, lubricating system and torque limiter, Screw elements and key part
of extruder, accurately manufactured with CNC technology which
guaranteed the process accuracy effectively.

Our Twin Screw Extruder Machine Set consists of the Main Machine Host, the Auxiliary devices and the Electric Control Cabinet.

main machine host includes the AC motor, torque limited coupling, gear
box, oil lubricating system, feeding system, barrel & screw, heating
system, vacuum pumping system, soft water circulating cooling system,
machine bed etc.

The auxiliary devices: the pelletizing system of our twin screw extruder contains the water bath, dry blower,
pelletizer, vibrating system, product conveying system and the auto packing system etc.


Apart from the strand pelletizing system, we can also provide the water
ring pelletizing system, the air cooling hot face pelletizing system,
the eccentric water fog pelletizing
system, and the underwater pelletzing system etc.

2. Application of Our Twin Screw Extruder

A: Filler modification:
-Talc powder
-Barium sulfate
-Ceramic powder
-Wood/plant fiber
-Other inorganic fillers
B: Reinforce modification:
-Short glass fiber
-Long glass fiber
-Carbon fiber
-Other whiskers
C: Masterbatch Processing:
-Carbon black masterbatch
-Color masterbatch
-Flame retardant masterbatch
-Degradable masterbatch
-Other function materbatch
D: compounding modification:
-Polymer alloy

3. Features of our Twin Screw Extruder

Of good self-cleaning capability;
Highly efficient conveying speed;
Uniform Retention period, very suitable for the compounding extrusion of thermosetting powder coating;
Easy to feed the raw material: several feeding inlet are set,
available to input ribbon material, pasty material, powder material, and glass fiber etc;

Excellent exhaust function: the efficient mixture of the contact
parts and the self-cleaning function of the degassing part make the
exhaust part can get complete update;

Excellent mixing and plasticizing effect: the raw material get pressed, sheared, replaced and mixed
completely from both the vertical and horizontal sides, thus with good
heat transmitting, strong gassing function and good temperature
control over the raw material.

4. Advantage of Our Twin Screw Extruder

The latest high-torque parallel three-axis gear box, imported from Germany, with excellent performance;

The Siemens series PLC and high performance standard vector inverter
are adopted as the master station to complete the data acquisition and
centralized control of the whole production line;
With high
precision safety clutch imported from United Kingdom. When the current
host exceeds the set protection current by 15%, the high torque
protection device will automatically disengage the main motor and
gearbox, and the rear detachment is very simple.
Of segmented structure design, easy to maintain and repair with low cost;
Intelligent electric controlling system;

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