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We provide jack computer connectors like holder,

  • Date Posted: Oct 30, 2009
  • Unit Price: 1.35 US$  1.5 US$
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FB Shopmall Description
We provide jack computer connectors like holder,
Part No. Diameter
AC21225 2.5mm
AC91525 2.5mm
AC21516 1.65mm
AC91316 1.65mm
AC51525 2.5mm
AS91225 2.5mm
DL91425 2.5mm
DL11225 2.5mm
DL11320 2mm
FJ11725 2.5mm
FJ41420 2mm
FJ21225 2.5mm
FJ51325 2.5mm
FJ31130 2.5mm
GW11620 2mm
GW21220 2mm
GW21125 2.5mm
GW11625 2.5mm
GW41320 2mm
HP21225 2.5mm
HP11325 2.5mm
HP21916 1.65mm
HP51625 2.5mm
HP91716 1.65mm
IB21225 2.5mm
IB51325 2.5mm
IB11425 2.5mm
LG21316 1.65mm
SH41120 2mm
TS21525 2.5mm
TS11225 2.5mm
TS71525 2.5mm
TS91725 2.5mm
TS51625 2.5mm

As one of Alibaba's VIP suppliers, We can provide computer connectors like holder, socket, interface, terminal, dc jack etc.

We can provide holder, socket, interface, terminal etc as:

144pin memory socket
168pin memory socket
184pin memory socket
200pin memory socket
240pin memory socket
240pin memory socket protective holder
370pin socket
478pin socket
479pin socket
754pin socket
775pin socket
939pin socket
940pin socket(AM2)
AGP protective socket
AGP socket
audio interface
battery holder
BIOS chip holder
IDE interface
LAN interface
MINI PCI socket
PCI protective holder
PCI socket
PCI-E protective socket
power interface
S terminal
USB interface
VGA interface

Contact me right now If you have any items to inquiry!

Best Regards,

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