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Microcosm controller is one of few companies in China can
make ESD safe swabs with Transparent Polypropylene Handle, our production
technology with the static dissipation, cleanliness and ions control of this
swabs have truly came up to advanced world standards, welcome to test and

Long handle and
short handle, sponge head and fabric head,
rectangular head and circular head, rigid paddle head and flexible tip etc., design for
cleaning hard reached holes and groove of objectives, Various kind and Sizes to
meet Different Application Need, laundered and packed in ISO Class 4 cleanroom,
Low in both Particles and Extractables, No detectable silicon oil, amide and
DOP, Latest thermoplastic technology,
head is hard to separate from the handle. stranger removal ability. Soft head
with antistatic pp handle.

Antistatic Cleanroom Foam Swab is constructed from
compressed 100 ppi (Z) open-cell polyurethane foam or 100 ppi (Z) closed-cell
polyurethane foam and 100% virgin polypropylene handles.

Antistatic Cleanroom fabric Swab is constructed from
cleanroom laundered 100% continuous filament knitted polyester or microfiber
heads and 100% virgin polypropylene handles. Both fabric are ultraclean, good
absorption and stronge removel ability.