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 [Feb 19, 2008]

Ask a question about 4CH DVR CARD .
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Product Description
4 channels real-time audio&video monitoring
Continuous, motion-detection, alarm and scheduled recording
Support motion detection touch off the video recording, sending E-mail (monitoring pictures in the enclosure), sending alarm by phone, and by sound.
Support multi-hard disks cycle recording
PTZ and preset point control
Intuitionisticly display historical recording file by graph, up to 16 screens playback
Electronic enlarge, screenshot, and timely printing picture
Support to backup the video file in dvr or exe format, you can play the DVR file directly and no need to install any player.
Multi-user‘s authority management setup
Simple installation and help system.
Solve the dynamic IP according to the DVR software setting, and you can apply domain name from Wave-P freely
Client software and IE monitor
Remote viewing, playback, recording and backup
Support remote PTZ control
Support one IE remote monitors several DVR of different IP or the same IP, suitable for the large scale focusing monitoring
Support more than 50 language versions

Support more than 50 language versions (suitable for export

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