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Carbon brush slip ring with big current and size from Barlin Times Aug 15, 2016

Carbon Brush Slip Ring
Carbon brush also could be called electrical brush as a rotating contact component, which is widely used in many of electrical equipment applications. As per our experience in the slip ring field, carbon brush design is still receiving high welcome from customer in different industries, so Barlin Times spent much time to develop more and more latest design to satisfy with strict requirement of each customer in related field. Through our continuous test and inspection, carbon brush type slip ring launched into market successfully and get a good quality feedback from our customers.
If you have specific customized requirement, please feel free to consult us so that our sales engineer could recommend the most suitable product to you for you reference.


1.Good commutative performance and longer life time
2.Reliable conduction and excellent lubricity
3.Big size and current could be up to 60A or higher
4.Maintenance free and low resistance
5.Power and signal data combination


1. Materials ( Including contact or housing materials )
2. Appearance & Shape ( As per your customization )
3. Encoder and connector
4. Lead wire length and size
5. Circuits & current
6.Installation method
7.Flange and through hole


1. Heavy machinery
2. Packing equipment
3. Wind turbine generator
4. Manufacturing and control machine
5. Test instrument
6. Military equipment

[ Expired Date:Aug 31, 2016]
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