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Disposable Polypectomy Snares

 [Aug 09, 2016]

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Product Description
Disposable SnareBasic InfoModel:?PTS-1810-25-CCertification: CE, CMDCAS, ISO13485Quality Guarantee Period: Two YearsLogo Printing: OEM, CustomizationTrademark: T-VICMEDHS Code: 9018909010Type: Endoscopic AccessoriesSterilization:?Ethylene Oxide SterilizationGroup: Adult or PediatricPackage Material: PE+Tyvek(1059b), Corrugated CartonPackage: 1PC/BagOrigin: Zhuji, Zhejiang, ChinaProduct description?Usage:?It is used in electro-surgery,for cutting polyps or other redundant tissues with high-frequency current in digestive tract in the combined use with endoscopes.Features:? ? With electricity? ? Reliable, safe and comfortable with 3-ring.? ? Ethylene Oxide Sterilization, there is no need to sterilize before use.? ? High quality and low price.SpecificationItem No.O.D.(mm)Working Length(mm)Snare ShapeLoop Diameter(mm)PTS-1810-10-A1.81000Standard Oval shape10PTS-1810-20-A1.81000Standard Oval shape20PTS-1816-10-A1.81600Standard Oval shape10PTS-1816-20-A1.81600Standard Oval shape20PTS-2316-20-A2.31600Standard Oval shape20PTS-2316-25-A2.31600Standard Oval shape25PTS-2316-30-A2.31600Standard Oval shape30PTS-2316-35-A2.31600Standard Oval shape35PTS-2323-20-A2.32300Standard Oval shape20PTS-2323-25-A2.32300Standard Oval shape25PTS-2323-30-A2.32300Standard Oval shape30PTS-2323-35-A2.32300Standard Oval shape35?SpecificationModelTube O.D.(mm)Working Length(mm)Snare ShapeSnare Width(mm)PTS-1810-15-C1.81000Lune?Type?15PTS-1810-25-C1.81000Lune?Type?25PTS-1816-15-C1.81600Lune?Type?15PTS-1816-25-C1.81600Lune?Type?25PTS-2316-25-C2.31600Lune?Type?25PTS-2323-25-C2.32300Lune?Type?25?SpecificationItem No.O.D. (mm)Working Length?(mm)Loop Diameter (mm)ShapePTS-1810-15-B1.8100015Hexagonal TypePTS-1810-20-B1.8100020Hexagonal?TypePTS-1816-15-B1.8160015Hexagonal?TypePTS-1816-20-B1.8160020Hexagonal?TypePTS-2316-20-B2.3160020Hexagonal TypePTS-2316-25-B2.3160025Hexagonal?TypePTS-2323-20-B2.3230020Hexagonal?TypePTS-2323-25-B2.3230025Hexagonal?TypeContact info:Tel: 86-575-87128773Fax: 86-575-87128771Sales:?lisa@pengtianmed.com; alice@pengtianmed.com; mandy@pengtianmed.comAdd: No.8 Jinjin Road,Jiyang Economic Development District, Zhuji, Zhejiang, China.Company info: ??Zhuji Pengtian Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is leading Chinese professional enterprise specializing in manufacture and sale of endoscopy diagnostic &?therapy?medical instruments. Our main products are Disposable(Reusable) Biopsy Forceps,Disposable Cytology Brushes, Disposable Injection Needle,Disposable (Reusable) Cleaning?Brushes,?Disposable Snare,?Disposable Biopsy Needle and so on. Our R&D center is one of the best in China. Our products are reliable.In China, we are the first to design and produce Distal Fine and Soft Disposable Biopsy Forceps, Disposable Alligator Jaws Type Biopsy Forceps, Disposable Double Moving Cups Biopsy Forceps. Our 1.8 Alligator Jaws Type Biopsy Forceps is unique in China.?We can also customize according to customers' requirements.?On the way to set up a first-class international brand, our products have been approved by many customers. Now we are looking for the international partners.Disposable/Reusable/Vapor/Cytology Cleaning Brushes

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