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Same as Korea Quality 250GSM 300GSM Coated Duplex Board Grey Back in Sheet or Roll for Packing

 [Aug 09, 2016]

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Product Description
Duplex Board Grey BackBasic information:Coating Material: ChemicalPaper Type:Duplex BoardWeight: 230 250 270 300 350 400 450GSMCoating Side: Single SideQuality: A, AA and AAAPulp Style: RecycledTrademark: GersonOrigin:Chinausagetoy boxes ,tissue box, cosmetics boxes and paper bags, all paperbox and paper bagsduplex board grey backfeaturesThe quality board has excellent printability and converting properties, meeting high?speed packing requirements in the factory.The Product has good surface smoothness and is good for major converting methodssuch as die cutting, offset printing ,embossing lamination.packagepaperboard in sheetsPE film wrapped, 4 angles protector, baled on strong wooden pallets.paperboard in reams:100sheets with PE coated kraft paper, wrapped with film, baled on strong pallets.? ? ? ? ?10days quick delivery.?Our delivery time normally within 2 weeks, but fastest only 10days.Short delivery time will help you to avoid the risk of sea freight rising, as well protect your benefit.Rich shipment and do**ents experiences.?We are in paper export field more than 8 years, we?know the?policy?of shipping line, customs and governments for different countries, so we have enough?ability to assist you?to avoid?potential problems and risks.Best serviceTo customer, quality and price stability, prompt delivery, excellent shipment service is the very important, so our purpose:?GIVE ALL THE BEST TO CUSTOMER.Customer protectionWe have very strict policy to protect the customer, all of your customers will be exclusively protected.

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