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Pure Tungsten Rods

 [Aug 09, 2016]

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Product Description
If you want to import pure tungsten rods from one of the competitive welding electrode, welding rod, welding bars, pure tungsten bar, more than 99.95% high pure tungsten bar manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a productive factory, Maike Non-Ferrous Metal Technology is always at your service. high quality 99.95% pure tungsten bar ?Specification 1.Material: tungsten ?2.Pure: 99.95% ?3.Surface: black, burnishing, polishing ?Tungsten ? ? ?content Type Diameter ?(mm) Dia.tolerance ? (mm) Length ?(mm) L tolerance ? (mm) Liner ? ? ? rate 99.95% Sintering bar 40-100 ±3 500max ±5 ±5% Forged bar 20-80 ±2 800max ±5 ±2% Ground bar 2-60 ±0.1 650max ±1 ±0.5% Application Be used for drawing tungsten wires, electrodes, heaters in high temperature vacuum furnace and so on. Chemical Compositions Grade Tungsten content Contents of Impurity Elements Total Content Content of each element WAL1,WAL2 99.95%min 0.05%nax 0.01%max W1 99.95%min 0.05%nax 0.01%max W2 99.92%min 0.08%nax 0.01%max Dimension & Tolerance Varity Diameter Range Diameter Tolerance ? ? MIN MAX Black bar wroughted ≥3.0mm ±0.05mm ±0.10mm Straightened bar 0.5→3.0mm ±0.01mm ±0.01mm Ground bar ≥0.8mm ±0.01mm ±0.05mm

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