Gold Purchase Through PMMC Ghana Oct 14, 2010

We have Alluvial Gold Dust, Gold Bars and Gold Nuggets for sale. Our setup is specifically engage in the Mining of Alluvial Concentrate (Au Gold Dust).

We can sell our gold through PMMC GHANA refinery in Ghana.

Commodity: Alluvial Gold Dust, Gold Bars and Gold Nuggets

Purity: 92% + (Ninety Two Percent Plus)

Carats: 22+ plus

Origin: Ghana

After we will receive LOI from buyer and we will send him our Company Letterhead detailed with Full Corporate Offer. We stand in doing business with your company for years to come. Contact us for more details.

[ Expired Date:Jul 12, 2012]
[ Related Categories: Energy & Raw Materials, Other Minerals ]
[ Related Keywords: gold dust ]

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