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Auto-Walking Scarifying Machine GYE-350 Aug 03, 2016

Features and Advantages
1.The inclination-feed milling-planning mode and adjustable milling depth
2.Self-working as well as hydraulic device,improves the degree of comfort
3.Dust control system vacuum cleaner is available as optional

Technical Data
Model GYE-350
Engine model American B&S 35HP +B&S 6.5HP
Milling machine width(mm) 350
Milling drum assembly Replaceable
Milling drum number of Spindle drum 5
Milling model Inclination
Depth control Adjustable
The maximum depth of milling(mm) Concrete surface 15-20
Asphalt 15-20
The work efficiency 156-210
Dimension(mm) 2000*950*1170
Shipping size(mm) 2060*1020*1250
Operating weight(kg) 708
Packing and shipping weight(kg) 760

[ Expired Date:Dec 31, 2019]
[ Related Categories: Construction & Public Works, Construction Tools ]
[ Related Keywords: floor scarifier, floor scarifying machine, floor planner ]

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