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Exploring Buy offers

How do I find buyer

Though most buyers prefer to look for products and suppliers through searches and browsing, almost a third of buyers post Buying Leads (wanted ads) so the right suppliers can find them. Searching Buying Leads and sending quotations direct to buyers is easy:

1. Click Sell to go to our Supplier Homepage
2. Search for Buying Leads using the Search Bar or Browse Buying Leads by Category to find buyers in your industry
3. Narrow your search results by category or keyword
4. Click the mail iron to contact when you find the right buyer(s)

Posting Sell offers

How to post selling information

Post a Selling Lead if you cannot find the products you want to source on TradeTuber.com. Most buyers do not post their entire inventory, so tell buyers what you want and let the right buyers come to you.

When posting your selling Leads, you can specify your preferred method of contact or conceal your company information.

To post selling Leads without disclosing contact information, please take the following steps:

1. Sign in at My Tuber
2. Click Selling Leads in the Manage Trade Leads section
3. Complete the form
4. Click Submit to post.

If you are not yet a member, you can post Selling Leads from many pages by clicking “Post A Selling Leads”on our on our homepage . Complete the registration form and you can post a Selling Lead as a free member of Tradetuber.com.

How to edit selling information

Go to My Tuber and view the status of your Selling Leads on you're My Tuber homepage or in the Manage Trade Leads section. Your Selling Lead status may be one of the following:

Editing Required: This includes Selling Leads that require editing before they can be posted on Tradetuber.com

Approval Pending: This includes Selling Leads that have been posted but have yet to be approved by Tradetuber.com. The approval process usually takes 24 hours
Approved: This includes Selling Leads that are approved and published on Tradetuber.com
Expired:This includes Selling Leads that have passed the expiration date you specified

Please note: You can only edit, delete or re-post Selling Leads in Editing Required, Approved or Expired status.

How to delete selling information

Please take the following steps:

1. Sign in at My Tuber
2. Click "Selling Leada" in the "Manage Trade Leads" section
3. Select a Selling Lead and click the "Delete" to remove it.

Your Selling Lead will be removed from our site within 24 hours.