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Brief introduction of Tradetuber.com

Tradetuber is a World's Largest Business SNS -social network site , which subvert the existing B2B platforms membership fee and PPC money ranking system.Tradetuber is groundbreaking to initiate free lifetime membership and trust index ranking system for membership exposure in order to help buyer more easily find out qualified seller here.

Tradetuber primarily to help members for overseas promotion, the promotion of cross-border b2c, Facebook shop marketing, Twitter,google+,Linkedin ect and other SNS SMM (social media marketing )expansion services. Tradetuber joints French Bureau Veritas (BV), Dun & Bradstreet (D & B), the French Association standard (AFAQ), and the KRT From United States which are most trusted third-party certification body globally for export factories membership on site certification , providing a avoid the risk of a fraudulent transaction reliable business SNS. Through revolution and innovation to traditional online business completely , Tradetuber are creating a trust, free, justice , open and competitive business environment for global buyer and seller.

Tradetuber (Universal) Tech.Co.,Limited thoroughly innovates the traditional pattern of online trade with considering the existed global situation, and it creates a more honest, freer, fairer and more open environment for the worldwide commercial competitions, which aims to provide more business opportunities, to improve the global trade development and then to promote the civilization progress.

“Trust first, Business great” is the historical mission of Tradetuber.com.

Tradetuber (Universal) Tech.Co.,Limited in terms of TradeTuber.com, began to provide services for the global merchants in March 2008 and its Asia-Pacific operating center was conducted in shenzhen on May 18,2010 with formally serving The Greater China Group. In order to promote the development of integrity of international trades, Tradetuber (Universal) Tech.Co.,Limited offers various services to the global suppliers and purchasers, such as TradeTuber.com free platform, credit index system, buyers-supported center and sellers global broadcast system.

With lifelong free membership and credit ranking system, Tradetuber.com is a worldwide online B2B platform, which replaces the currently existed B2B platform with membership system and competitive ranking system . Tradetuber (Universal) Tech.Co.,Limited has united the most famous certification authorities to provide the certification service with a third party, such as D&B BV, the AFAQ, KRT, so that it provides an honest trading platform for the global enterprises with maximumly avoiding the risk of trade frauds .

Tradetuber (Universal) Tech.Co.,Limited creats five the world's first

1. The first B2B Web services platform sorted by credit index
2. The first B2B Web services platform using 'credit passport'
3. The first B2B web services platform using the credit system of buyer/seller
4. The first rapidly developed network technology company with seriously proposing the idea of “interests of partners ahead of intrests of ourselves”.