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EBOSS Software Terms and Conditions of Use

This terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Condition”) defines the conditions between EBOSS Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and users in regards to the use of websites, software, applications, products, documents and other products and services (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) provided to users under the “EBOSS Software” name or in relations to “EBOSS Software”.
Article 1. Agreement to Terms and Conditions of Use
The user must use the Service according to the provisions in the Terms and Conditions. The user cannot use the Service unless he/she agrees to the Terms and Conditions. The user is deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions once he/she clicks the ‘Agree’ button that is displayed on the screen when installing the Service.
Article 2. Other Applicable Rules
EBOSS Terms and Conditions of Use and EBOSS Privacy Policy will also apply whenever the user uses EBOSS.
Article 3. Collection of Information
The Company collects the user’s computer name in order to determine the terminal used to access the Service.
The personal information of the user will be treated in accordance with this Article and the EBOSS Privacy Policy.
Article 4. Approval to Use Software
1. The Company allows the nonexclusive use of the software in relation to the Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Software” and includes software that is newly provided due to future upgrades) provided by the Company for user who download the Software for the use of the Service under the condition that the user abides by the Terms and Conditions. The copyright to the Software and any associated rights will belong to the Company.
2. The Company cannot guarantee that the Software is free of any actual or legal defects (including but not limited to stability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, validity, suitability for a specific purpose, security related defects, errors or bugs, infringement of rights etc.).
3. The user must not conduct the following actions when using the Software, unless the user has separately obtained evident approval from the Company.
(1) Copy the whole or part of the Software.
(2) Modify the whole or part of the Software’s features, text and/or program source code.
(3) Disassemble or decompile the whole or part of the Software, or attempt to decipher the whole or part of the Software.
(4) Assign, lend, or license the Software to a third party.
(5) Use the Software for advertising, commercial purposes, or solicitation.
(6) Violate a law, judgment, judicial ruling, court order, or binding regulation.
(7) Violate the rights of the Company or of any third party (including, copyright, trademark, patent or similar intellectual property rights, right of reputation, right to privacy, or any other right arising at law or by contract).
(8) Interfere with or obstruct the Company’s operation of the Service or other users’ use of the Service.
(9) Aid or encourage any of the actions mentioned in items (1) through (8) above.
(10) Any other use of the Service that the Company deems inappropriate.
4. The Company may modify the whole or part of the Service, as well as terminate the Service, when the Company deems necessary, without providing prior notification to users (including, but not limited to, updates to the Software).
5. The Software may contain software which is under the open source license or a modification of such software (hereinafter referred to as ‘Open Source Software’). Licenses are applied in accordance to the conditions of the licenses (hereinafter referred to as ‘Open Source License’) that are applied to the Open Source Software. The Terms and Conditions does not limit the user’s rights based on each Open Source License, and does not grant rights that can replace the rights granted by the Open Source Software. In the event of a provision resulting in a conflict between the Terms and Conditions and the Open Source License, the provision in the Open Source License supersedes the Terms and Conditions.
Article 5. The Company’s Exemption from Liability
1. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages inflicted upon users in relation to the use of the Service. However, if the agreement (including but not limited to the Terms and Conditions) between the Company and user regarding the Service shall be deemed as a consumer contract under the Consumer Contract Law in China, then this exemption clause shall not be applied.
2. Notwithstanding the condition stated in clause 1 above, the Company shall not be responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages (including but not limited to such damages that the Company or user predicted, or could have predicted) with respect to the Company’s contractual default or act of tort due to the Company's negligence (except for gross negligence). The compensation for ordinary damages in respect to the Company’s contractual default or act of tort due to the Company's negligence (except for gross negligence) shall be limited to the total amount of expenses incurred by the user in order to use the Service in the particular calendar month in which such damages occurred.
Article 6. Modification of the Terms and Conditions of Use
The Company may modify the Terms and Conditions when the Company deems necessary, without providing prior notification to users. The modification become effective once the modified Terms and Conditions are posted on an appropriate location within the website operated by the Company. Users must refer to the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis for the latest version when using the Service, since a separate notification is not provided.
Article 7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Where the Company has provided Users with a translation of the Chinese language version of the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as ‘Chinese Version’), the Chinese Version will govern the relationship between Users and the Company. In the event of a provision resulting in a conflict between the Chinese Version and a translation, the provision in the Chinese Version supersedes such translation. The Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of China. Conflicts that arise from the Service or conflicts between the user and the Company related to the Service will be governed primarily under the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of shenzhenor the shenzhen Summary Court.


1.1 网钰E外贸管家是由网钰公司创建、运行的客户开发营销管理软件。
1.2 网钰E外贸管家用户是指完成全部注册流程,愿意接受网钰E外贸管家用户协议并在网钰E外贸管家相关使用规范的规定下使用网钰E外贸管家服务的注册用户。
1.3 网钰E外贸管家会员服务是网钰E外贸管家为用户提供的有偿增值服务,用户向网钰E外贸管家支付相关费用后,方可享受专门为会员提供的各项服务。
1.4 网钰E外贸管家会员必须遵守《网钰E外贸管家社区公约(试行)》。
1.5 标准资费799元/月,网钰将根据用户购买方式和数量的不同提供不同幅度的优惠,具体优惠信息以会员支付页上内容为准。
1.6 网钰E外贸管家有权根据实际情况随时调整费用标准,对于网钰E外贸管家会员服务资费标准的任何调整,网钰E外贸管家将至少提前一个月进行公示,并在约定之日起生效。在约定日 期前按原资费标准购买服务的用户,其会员资格及服务在资费调整前购买的期限内不受影响 ,且无需补充缴纳差额;在约定日期后进行支付,购买网钰E外贸管家服务的用户,应按照更新后的资费标准进行支付。
1.7 会员应在公示期内对网钰E外贸管家公布更新、修订后的服务条款进行确认,对于服务条款及服务费用变更,用户有权作如下选择:
1.7.1 不再继续使用网钰E外贸管家会员服务。
1.7.2 用户不作出任何表示并继续使用网钰E外贸管家会员服务,则视为用户接受服务条款及服务费用的变更。
1.7.3 如用户同意变更的内容,则公示期过后,网钰E外贸管家将以最新的服务条款和服务价格为标准向用户提供服务。
1.8 网钰E外贸管家将为会员提供多种专有的增值会员服务。
1.9 网钰E外贸管家有权根据实际情况随时调整服务内容。
1.10 网钰E外贸管家用户完成实名认证和会员费用的支付,即可成为网钰E外贸管家会员。
1.11 所有网钰E外贸管家会员必须完成会员注册程序并同意本条款的全部内容。
1.12 会员有效期自网钰E外贸管家会员服务开通之时起算起,具体有效期时间可以登录网钰E外贸管家会员在个人资料页查看。
1.13 会员有效期过期后,网钰E外贸管家将终止提供会员增值服务。
1.14 由于实名认证的需要,会员在会员有效期内解除、修改绑定手机号,可能会造成会员服务被终止。
1.15 会员在会员有效期内续费,有效期将在原服务有效期基础上延长。
1.16 会员应确保注册资料的真实性。如因注册信息不真实而引起的问题所带来的后果及责任,由用户自行承担。
1.17 会员平等享有网钰E外贸管家会员的权利,同时应遵守网钰E外贸管家的各项管理方案,包括但不限于网钰E外贸管家用户服务协议。
1.18 会员在付费的有效期内享受网钰E外贸管家会员的各项增值服务。
1.19 会员可优先参加由网钰E外贸管家组织的活动并享受对应的优惠及增值服务。
1.20 会员有权利不参加网钰E外贸管家组织的任何活动。
1.21 会员在会员有效期内可主动终止或取消会员资格,但不获得剩余有效期会员费用的退还。
1.22 会员自行承担在网钰E外贸管家中发布、传播信息的法律责任,会员使用网钰E外贸管家服务,包括免费服务与增值服务的行为,均应遵守中华人民共和国的各项法律法规。
1.23 网钰E外贸管家有义务保证会员服务的顺畅,当出现技术故障导致会员服务提供有碍时,网钰E外贸管家应尽快排除故障。
1.24 网钰E外贸管家在未经会员授权时不得公开、编辑或透露会员注册及保存的非公开内容。法律规定的情形除外。
1.25 网钰E外贸管家通过网钰E外贸管家系统通知、短信通知、邮箱通知等多种方式对会员进行通知和公告。
1.26 因不可抗力造成会员服务的中断或其它缺陷,网钰E外贸管家不承担任何责任,但将尽力减少因此给会员造成的损失和影响。
1.27 因用户原因造成网钰E外贸管家账号密码泄露,网钰E外贸管家不承担责任,同时为避免网钰E外贸管家账号被盗用后滥用而引起法律风险,网钰E外贸管家有权在知悉该情形后采取一切措施避免第三方对用户的会员帐号实施操作行为,而不论其基于何种目的、获取方式是否善意合法。
1.28 若会员在使用网钰E外贸管家服务或网钰E外贸管家会员服务的过程中,故意进行有损网钰E外贸管家、网钰E外贸管家用户或会员合法权益的行为,网钰E外贸管家有权取消该会员的会员资格而无需给予任何补偿,并保留进一步追究该行为法律责任的权利。
1.29 若会员在使用网钰E外贸管家服务或网钰E外贸管家会员服务的过程中,存在触犯中华人民共和国法律法规的行为,网钰E外贸管家有权取消该会员的会员资格而无须给与任何补偿,行为人须自行承担全部责任。
1.30 本服务条款的解释,效力及纠纷的解决,适用于中华人民共和国大陆法律。
1.31 会员因操作行为引发的法律纠纷,与网钰公司无关。
1.32 网钰E外贸管家可依照网钰E外贸管家发展的不同阶段,随着网钰管理经验的不断丰富,出于维护网钰E外贸管家秩序的目的,不断完善本条款。