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Product Description
HiMedia Technology Limited, which is professional in designing and manufacturing HD media player, recently released a new 3D HD media player HiMedia HD900B..

HD900B HD media player owns many excellent features.
1.Realtek RTD1186 and 512M DDR3
HD900B HD media player is based on the next generation chipset Realtek. And there is 512M DDR3 in it.

2.Android 2.2 and Linux Dual OS
HD900B HD media player owns advanced Android 2.2 and Linux Dual OS.

3.3D OpenGL and 3D Video Playback
HD900B HD media player can play side-by-side, top-and-bottom and blu-ray 3D movies.

4.HDMI1.4 with 1080P Full HD
HD900B HD media player is able to stream 1080P full HD video by HDMI1.4.

5. 7.1 CH HD Audio Bitstream/Passthrogh
HD900B HD media player supports DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD multi-channel lossless audio codecs with upto 7.1 CH passthrough.

6.Giga Eehernet and 802.11N WIFI
HD900B HD media player comes from the factor with Gigabit Ethernet that allows network transfer up to 1.000 Mbps. Users will be able to stream information at high rates of speed over long distance.
HD900B HD media player supports wireless network connection to your home network. Users can easily access and stream videos, play musics and view photos directly from PC, Mac and NAS devices.

7.USB Wireless Mouse&Keyboard Supported
HD900B HD media player intorduces a built-in web browser optimized for TV. View internet web sites on your TV by using the built-in web browser.It makes common browsing tasks fater and easier. (Built-in web browser has limitations and may not allow to view some internet web sites.)

9.Internet Media Service Supported, such as Youtube, Flickr, Shoutcast, RSS News etc.

10.VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) and Smart Touch-Key
The VFD of HD900B HD media player brings you freedom of learning the status of playback at a distance. The Smart Touch-Key gives you sweet, comfortable and fashionable operation feeling.

11.An Innovative Top Hatch
It is easy to place an HDD inside the HD900B HD media player thanks to the innovative top-hatch design.

12.DLNA Digital Media Streamer
Stream movie, music and photo from mobile phone to HDTV through HD900B HD media player.