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cast grids, basket

 [Aug 09, 2016]

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Product Description

Made by investment casting method.

Our castings engineers and foundry facility has almost 30 years experience for producing heat treat baskets and trays with guarantee period of 12 months since installation. The heat resistant castings made by HEXIN has good quality approved by the customers from home and abroad like Europe, USA customers, and the authorities in China. With the ac**ulation of many years production experience from KUBOTA steel, our foundry had mastered very good foundry manworkshop to reduce the casting defects, and to keep good tolerance and shape , the unit weight from 0.5kg to 5000kg by investment casting and sand casting process. main products like trays ,grids, baskets, heat treatment fixtures, fan wheels, skid riders, walking beams, furnace roller rails and rollers, charging racks, furnace doors, carrier bars, spiders castings, cross beams, loading bars, cast link, petrochemical tube supports, tube sheets, tube hangers. ( heat treatment stackable baskets, heat resistant casting heat treatment stackable baskets) and other more castings with top quality.


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