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brown gas generator with CE

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Product Description

Brown gas generator, also named hydrogen oxygen gas generator or oxyhydrogen gas generator, is widely used in polishing acrylic signs and billboards, welding enameled copper wires in electric motors and transformers,melting and repairing gold jewelry, sealing quartz glass bottles and ampules bottles and so on.

Working Principle:A purestoichiometric mixture is obtained by water electrolysis, which uses an electric current to dissociate the water molecules:
electrolysis: 2 H2O =2 H2 + O2 ; combustion: 2 H2 + O2 =2 H2O.

model: 605T

gas output: 600 liter/hour

water consumption: 150 milliliter/hour

power rating: 1500 w/hour

power supply: 110V-240V/50HZ-60HZ

gross weight: 40kg

size: 96cm*30cm*53cm

Main applications:

Polishing acrylic or plexiglass sheets, boards, such as acrylic signs, billboards and letters.

Melting, welding, making and mending gold jewelry, platinum jewelry and other jewelry.

Welding and soldering metal wires, especially enameled (lacquered) copper wires (magnet wires) used in electrolytic motors and transformer assembly, including welding enameled wires to terminal posts.

Processing decorations and ornaments, such as necklaces,bracelets,anklets,brooches,and so on.

Sealing quartz glass bottles and sealing ampule bottles in medical industry with no secondary pollution

Welding metal or alloy, mending or soldering eye-glass frame

Soldering denture or maintaining dental equipments.

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