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SSMB Connector Flange Mount

 [Aug 09, 2016]

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Product Description
Xi'an Shenghao Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China ssmb connector flange mount manufacturers and suppliers, we are good at producing high frequency ssmb connector flange mount, welcome to check ssmb connector flange mount guide, dimensions and drawing with us.SSMB?Connectors?Flange?MountSSMB Flange Mount Connectors are small push-in RF coaxial connectors developed and produced in accordance with IEC 169-19. SSMB 2 holes Flange Mount Connectors and 4 holes square flange mount Connectors are all available here. SSMB Flange Connector has the advantage of small size, light weight, easy to use and good shock resistance is interchangeable with international similar products. SSMB Flange Mount Connector is used to connect RF cables for miniature radio equipment and electronic equipment.?Key?performanceApplicable?spec/std:?IEC?169-19Characteristic?impedance:?50?Ohm?Frequency?range:?0~3GHzInsulation?resistance:?≥?1000M?Ohm?Insulator?voltage?withstanding:?500VContact?resistance:????????Center?conductor:?≤?5.0m?Ohm?????????Out?conductor:?≤?2.5m?Ohm?VSWR:?Straight?connectors:?≤1.22?(0-1Ghz);?≤1.35?(0-3Ghz)???????Angled?connectors:?≤1.50?(0-1Ghz);?≤1.63?(0-3Ghz)Connector?durability:?500?cycles?MaterialCenter?contacts:????????Male---bronze,?gold?plated.????????Female---beryllium?copper,?gold?platedBodies?and?other?metal?parts:????????Brass,?gold?platedInsulators:?TFECrimp?ferrule:?copper,?nickel?plated.Gasket?and?seal?rings:?silicone?rubberHeat-shrink?tubing:?thermofit?plastic.?Seal?rings:?silicone?rubber???

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