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Universal Tool Microscope Image Processing

 [Aug 10, 2016]

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Product Description
As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of high precision universal tool microscope image processing, it is here waiting for your contact.Universal tool microscope image processingProduct FeasureAdopt imported precision grating system as the measuring element, with the advantage of low?? calorific value, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance and good shock resistance, etc.It is adopted with a powerful image processing software which can complete complex measurements and the data of software wan communicate with CAD to complete the work of surveying and mapping.Using semiconductor laser as Pointers for monitoring determined site rapidly, which improves the efficiency of the positioning of the image. Software adopts the digital image technology,which can automatically identify outline border, reduce the human error and improve operation efficiency.Retain the eyepiece optical system as the auxiliary observation, and can quickly switch.With digital display degree and height measurement device. The Angle and height are all digital displayed, which is intuitive and convenient.Technical parametersMeasuring range:200mm×100mmDistinguishability:0.0002Accuracy:(1+L/100) (L means the measured length. Unit:mm)WorkbenchWorkbench size(mm):260mm×270mmMax height of work piece which put on the workbench(mm):140mmWorkbench load-bearing:40kgPillar of the master MicroscopeTitling angle range:±12°Division value of titling angle:30’Objective lensMagnification??? Working distance??? Image magnification1X???????????? 82??????????????? 40X3X???????????? 70??????????????? 120X5X???????????? 49??????????????? 200XMagnification(mm)1/2"=5.2X4.1???? 1/3"=4.1X3.1 1/2"=1.7X1.4????? 1/3"=1.4X1.01/2"=1.0X0.8????? 1/3"=0.8X0.6Thimble frameThe max clamping diameter: ?100mmThe max clamping length: 700mmHigh thimble frameThe max high clamping diameter: ?250mmThe max high clamping length: 200Digital dividing headAngular measurement range: 0°~360°Angular measurement distinguishability: 5"Angular measurement accuracy: 30"CCD camera?1/3 inch colorful (or monochromatic) CCDPixel: 795X596Optical localizer Min measuring aperture: ?5mmMax measuring depth: 15mmMeasuring force: 0.1NPosition stability: 0.001mmDetection limit error of probe diameter: 0.0005mmEnvironmentIndoor Temp.20℃±1℃, Relative humidity 40%-60%RHBoundary dimension(L B H) 1300X1250X800 Instrument quality:450kg

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