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Pharmaceutical raw material amino acid L-Aspartic acid AJI97 Food Grade Amino Ac

 [Aug 10, 2016]

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Product Description

Detailed Product Description

Pharmaceutical raw material amino acid L-Aspartic acid AJI97 Food Grade Amino Acids

CAS No. 70-47-3,

Structural Formula:

Molecular Formula:C4H10N2O4

Molecular Weight:150.13

L-Asparagine is the derivative of aspartic acid, which is one of the twenty building blocks of protein. Asparagine is one of the prin**l and most abundant amino acids involved in the transport of nitrogen. Asparagine is required by cells for the production of protein. It is an essential component of those proteins that are concerned with signaling, neuronal development and transmission across nerve endings. Asparagine is essential to all living cells for the production of many proteins. It is very active in converting one amino acid into another when the need arises.

Asparagine helps maintain equilibrium of the central nervous system and also parti**tes in metabolic control of the brain and nervous system having. In the central nervous system, asparagines are needed to maintain a balance, preventing over nervousness or being overly calm. Asparagine is a nonessential amino acid, which means that it is manufactured from other amino acids in the liver. Asparagine is commonly found in poultry, dairy, eggs, fish, meat, nuts, seafood, and whole grains. Although asparagine deficiency is rare, it could be the contributing cause of fatigue and immune system stress including autoimmune disorders, infections, and severe allergies.


Food industry: nutritional supplements, anti-alcoholism agent, reacted with sugar to generate a fragrance material, can also be used for a variety of foods and beverages.

The ** industry: as one of 20 kinds of amino acid infusion, and in conjunction with other ingredients to treat skin diseases.

Chemical industry: used as a stabilizer of iron salts, to produce the film of ceramic surface; in addition, it has a certain inhibition against the corrosion of cobalt in sulfuric acid solution. Environmental protection: as an important raw material for water treatment membranes


Item Specification (AJI92) Results

Specific rotation +34.3° to +36.5° +35.25°

State of solution Transmittance Not less than 98.0% 99.10%

Chloride(Cl) Not more than 0.020% Less than 0.020%

Sulfate(SO4) Not more than 0.020% Less than 0.020%

Ammonium(NH4) Not more than 0.10% Less than 0.10%

Arsenic(As2O3) Not more than 1ppm Less than 1ppm

Iron(Fe) Not more than 10ppm Less than 10ppm

Heavy metals(Pb) Not more than 10ppm Less than 10ppm

Other amino acids Conforms Conforms

Loss on drying Not more than 0.3% 0.15%

Residue on ignition(sulfated) Not more than 0.10% 0.030%

PH 4.4 to 6.4 5.5

Total plate count <1000cfu/g Conforms

Yeast and moulds <100cfu/g Conforms

E.coli and salmonella Absent Conforms

Assay 99.0% to 101.0% 99.8%

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