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Road Roller in road construction machinery
equipment belonging to the category, is widely used in highway, railway,
airport runways, dams, stadiums and other large projects fill compaction can be
compacted sand, semi-viscous and sticky soil subgrade stabilized soil and
asphalt concrete pavement.

XCMG XS222 Vibratory Road Roller

Comfortable driving
?ROPS driving cab is equipped with an air conditioner, radio and suspended chair. It has a bigger space and broad view inside.
Unique structure
?Unique cylindrical drum structure features high rigidity and intensity. Short cylindrical bearing with high limited rotation speed provides high load - carrying capacity. The symmetrical arrangement of the right and left vibration chambers avoids the polarization of the **y drums.
Easy operation
?According to the ergonomics theory, all meters, indicators and buttons are centered on the operation panel. The throttle handle and FWD/REV handle are put on the right side to improve the sense of comfort.
?The failure diagnosis screen with alarms can avoid any unnecessary downtime.
?The simple and easy lubrication mode ensures an extremely low failure rate of the lubricating system.
?XCMG is the first manufacturer to adopt the central engine for effortless maintenance.
Leading compacting performance
?The unique hydraulic driving system design and heavy **y wheel weight make the XCMG's roller highly advanced in compaction ability.
?Heavy loaded drive axle and nonskid differential mechanism can furthest transfer the output power as well as the tractive force of engines.
Outstanding configuration
?The key components are provided by international suppliers (hydraulic pump, motor, drive axle, **y bearing and rotating alarm lamp), it also has several engine models for selection to meet different working conditions and customer's needs.
Multiple functions
?The split convex block drum (below 16t) and integral convex block drum (18-20t) can be selected according to the customer's requirement.
Easy maintenance
?The aural and visual alarm device can timely provide the maintenance message to avoid the machine faults and to shorten the down time.