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Stage LED Display

Product Description

Product Description

1. Die-casting aluminum modular structure, and with seamless splicing, optional combination
2. High strength resistant and anti-skid fabrics, bearing capacity, strong resistant performance, can be directly trample。
3. To achieve the stampede interactive effects to dynamic interactive experience
4. RGB deep gray processing to show any color .
5. standard cabinet size499.5mm * 499.5mm*97mm
6.It is based on the traditonal full color Dancing floor LED display,It uses progressive computer vision technology & LED showing technology to create a fantastic moving interactive experience. Users can directly use body to make a interaction with the virtual scene on the LED Display. It is a real-time combination of interactive induction and LED display video showing,and when it comes out, it provides the best way of stage virtual landscaping rebuild and showing interactive.


● Die-cast aluminum modular structure, to achieve seamless ﹑ random combinations

● High-strength wear-resistant non-slip fabric, load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, and can be directly stampede

● close Sealed cooling structure, IP54 protection class

● RGB deep gray processing, any color change

● Standardized Cabinet Size 499mm * 499mm * 93mm


● Stage performances, bars, squares