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N68 Outdoor Mesh Led Screen

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Product Description

Product Description

Tooper P10 indoor mesh screen is a compact structure, easy installation, low cost, moderate brightness full-color display. Mesh display modules particularly suitable for installation on a wall in the building. LED light using a standard φ5 oval line packaging technology, high brightness, good heat dissipation. LED Mesh screens can play all kinds of multimedia video animation program and a variety of light and shadow effects, showing endless artistic charm.

Tooper P10 indoor mesh screen especially suitable for a variety of concerts and other indoor places


To get the super wide viewing angle, best surface flatness and working stability with the most advanced waterproof and anti- UV outdoor SMD 3-in-1 technology.
●To save the shipping cost with the light and thin cabinet with weight 12kg/pc.
To eliminate the Mosaic with the error of flatness to be less than 0.2mm. '>

To display the rich color and clear pictures with the high grey level processing.
To eliminate the smear ghost and the delay in displaying images on led screen with the high contrast and refresh rate.
To apply to different environment with the accurate, fast and flexible lock system.
Be qualified to any harsh conditions, with the high-strength anti-aging material, and high standard Protection Level IP65.
To ensure the quality and safety of led screen with the professional connector assembly.


Outdoor stage, tv studio, concerts, theme park, airport station, exhibition, government plaza, leisure square, entertainment plaza, commercial center, advertising billboard, and so on
professional for stage use

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