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Product Details

WDCS031001 3 75mm 15000lbs Ratchet Tie down with double J Hooks

 [Aug 10, 2016]

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Product Description

Name:WDCS031001 3” 75mm 15000lbs Ratchet Tie down with double J Hooks
Model Number:WDCS031001
Belt Material:Polyester
Webbing length:1M-12M
Certification:CE, GS
Breaking strength scope:10t/15000lbs
Ratchet Handle:Aluminium Handle
Cooperation:OEM or customized

Product Specfication

1. According to EN12195-2:2000

2.With High quality ratchet buckle and hooks

3.Abrasion-resistant polyester webbing

4.100% high tenacity polyester of lashing strap

5.Low elongation


Packing: PE shrink wrapped and export carton packing with fumigate-free pallet loading

Shipment:30 days after order confirmed

More About 3" Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps

Our 3" ratchet straps offer both versatility and strength, with a wide-designed hook, and a defender added at the slot to provide resistance to abrasions on the webbing.

All of our 3 inch ratchet straps are manufactured with a tag displaying work load limit and break strength.

If you need custom 3" tie down straps, winch straps, or any other type of 3" strap ratchet with a different color or type of hardware,

contact to our

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