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Avatar Pumice stone

  • Date Posted: Jul 16, 2016
  • Unit Price: 18 US$  20 US$
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* Material: PU

* The weight of the pumice are light, it will float on the water.

* You can tie the sucker with the rope of the pumice, then dragged into the water, make the sucker griped the bottom of the tank to build the suspernsion landscape.

* The base material of grow plants, pumice surface has many holes and can be contact large area, can absorb the water harmful bacteria and heavy metals, conducive to plants climbing and take root。

plants itself can dissolve mineral not only conducive to the fish grow, can also provide fertilizer for the plants.

Product Attributes:

* Color: grey

* Shape: Irregular

* Size: 5~9cm

* Quantity: 6pcs/set

Package Include:

1x Aquarium pumice stone with plastic bag, 6pcs(a set) into a color box

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