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GSM/DCS/WCDMA indoor mobile signal booster 2G 3G 4G tri-band signal booster Kingtone cheap price indoor cellular signal booster

 [Aug 09, 2016]

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GSM/DCS/WCDMA indoor mobile signal booster 2G 3G 4G tri-band signal booster Kingtone cheap price indoor cellular signal boosterGereral Introduction of Booster1.What is the booster?Cell phone signal booster(also named repeater, amplifier) is a product designed to solve the mobile phone blind signal. As the mobile phone signal is transmitted by electromagnetic waves to establish a communications link, however there are a lot barriers make it is unavailable to get sound signal. When people enter some tall buildings, some places basement malls, restaurants and parking lot, some places of enteretainment such as karaoke sauna and massage, some public place such as subway, tunnel and etc. Where cell phone signals can not reach, now the cell phone signal booster can solve these problems! The entire range of mobile phone signals can be well used; We all will get great convenience and benefit from sound signal.Our boosters are the perfect solutions for a wireless improvement in the mobile reception!?2.Why need a signal booster?Will you customers stay comfortable when there is no smooth communication in your shops,restaurants, hotels or clubs?Will that be frustrating if your clients could not call you through due to weak signals in offices?Will your life be inflenced if your mobile is always"out-of-service" at home when your friends call you??3.How to Choose a Suitable Booster?1>What frequency does your operator(s) support?-(One or multiple)2>How is the soignal outside?3>How large an area do you need a quality signal in your building?(It is greatly related to the accessories allocation)?FeaturesElegant appearance,mini size, light weightEasy installationNo interference to the base station, no harm to people health.CE & RoHS ProvedLow consumption.ALC technologyStable performance.Environment Friendly, Energy-Efficient.Comply to the ETS300 694-4 standard.Comply to the FB6993-86 standardWide band repeater to support signal of all operators.High-integration(One board to contain low-noise amplifier,frequency selection module, power amplifier module, both uplink and downlink one for all).Manual gain control, Automatic gain control, Artificial Intelligence function can protect the repeater together the BTS perfectly.Auto shut off function as final step to avoid severe interference with mobile net network and energy saving.Work principleOur mobile signal booster is basically a bi-directional amplifer.The downlink signals are received by the repeater from the BTS by the outdoor antenna, filtered by its internal duplexers and FC unit, amplified by low noise amplifier(LNA) and downlink PA unit, then send via the indoor antenna to the area where need to improve mobile signals.The uplink signal of mobile devices from the coverage area is input via the indoor antenna, then filtered by duplexers and FC unit, boosted by the uplink low noise amplifier(LNA) and the unlink PA unit and finally sent via the outdoor antenna to the cell tower.How to installStep 1:Install the outdoor antenna in a suitable placesStep 2:Connect the outdoor antenna to the booster "outdoor " side by cable and connectorStep 3:Connect the indoor antenna to the booster "indoor" side by cable and connectorStep 4:Connect to the power?The signal strength from the outdoor antenna directly affects the efficiency of the indoor coverage,so it is very important to choose the outdoor antenna location to get the best signals.Select the top of building, the window or the balcony to install the outdoor antenna where there is with sound signal.Testing the signal strength received from outdoor antenna by mobile phone from different direction,and it shall display full bar signals where the outdoor antenna installed.Fix the outdoor antenna after selecting the best position,and adjust slightly its height or angles in order to get the best signals.The phone calls or data transmission shall be smooth and stable by 3 times testing where the outdoor antenna installed.Product OverviewGSM/DCS/WCDMA indoor mobile signal booster 2G 3G 4G tri-band signal booster ?cheap price indoor cellular signal boosterElectrical specification?UplinkDownlinkFrequency?RangeGSM900890 ~ 915 MHz935 ~ 960 MHzDCS1710 ~ 1785 MHz1805 ~ 1880 MHzWCDMA1920-1980MHz2110-2170MHzMax .Gain≥?70dB≥?75dBMax .Output Power≥?24dBm≥?27dBmMGC?( Step Attenuation )≥?31dB / 1dB stepAutomatic Level Control?????????????????????????????≥?20dBGain FlatnessGSM & CDMATpy≤?6dB(P-P); DCS,PCS?≤?8dB(P-P)WCDMA≤?2dB/ 3.84MHz,Full Band?≤?5dB(P-P)Noise Figure≤?5dBVSWR≤?2.0Group Delay≤?1.5μsFrequency stability≤?0.01ppmSpurious Emission &Output inter-modulationGSM Meet??ETSI TS 151 026 V?6.1.0WCDMA Meet 3GPP TS 25.143?( V?6.2.0?)CDMA Meet??IS95 & CDMA2000WCDMA SystemSpurious Emission MaskMeet 3GPP TS 25.143?( V?6.2.0?)Modulation Accuracy≤?12.5%Peak Code Domain Error≤?-35dB@Spreading Factor 256CDMA SystemRhoρ > 0.980ACPRMeet IS95 & CDMA2000Mechanical??SpecificationsStandardI /O PortN-FemaleImpedance50 ohmOperating Temperature-25oC~+55oCEnvironment ConditionsIP40Dimensions220x320x40mmWeight≤?3.50KgPower SupplyInput AC90-264V,output DC 5V /?6ALED??AlarmStandardPower LEDPower IndicatorUL LEDBe lighted when there is phone callingDL 1Be lighted when Outdoor signal is -65dBDL 2Be lighted when Outdoor signal only -55dBDL 3Be lighted when Outdoor signal only -50dB?

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