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HZS90 Cement Mixing Plant

 [Jan 01, 2014]

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Product Description

China Well-known Trademark HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant


1) 70m3/h- 90m3/h Capacity

2) JS1500B Mixer,4.0m Hydraulic Discharge

3) PLD2400-4 Independent?Pneumatic?Weighing Batching Machine, Full capacity

4) Highly Effective Belt Conveyor Feeding System,18 ° Titlt., Belt Width 800mm

5) Full Automatic Industrial Computer Control System

6) China Well-known Trademark

7) ISO SGS AAA Certified


1) Sicoma Technology JS1500B Concrete Mixer, Hydraulic Discharge, Electric Automatic Oil Pump, Perfect Shaft Lubrication and No Leakage. High Wear-Resistant Chromium-Manganese Alloys Mixing Blade and Liner.

2) PLD2400-4, Full Capacity,4x15m3 Storage Bins Volume,4x1.2m3 Weighing Bins Volume

3) International Advanced Full Automatic Industrial Computer Control System, Strong Anti-Interference Ability, High Reliability And Stability, Easy Operation And Maintenance ,Ensuring Zero-Failure Rate

4) All Motors, Speed Reducers, Sensors and Values are of China Famous Brand.

5) National Technical Patents Guarantee Excellent Performance.

6) Compact Structure and Modular design, Space-Saving Integrated Design, Easy Installation and Removal.

7) China Well-known Trademark, Protected by .


HZS series concrete batching plant capacity varies from 25m3/h-180m3/h, which can be widely used in construction projects like buildings, high way roads, bridges, docks, airport, hydropower station, water projects,ready mixed concrete production ,etc. They can also be used as commercial concrete batching plant to sell high quality concrete to different buyers.

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